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Business Loan Options and Commercial Real Estate Financing Nationwide

Put our experience and direct relationships with top lenders to work in obtaining the funds you need to accomplish your goals.

With advisory support from Springboard Funding Partners, clients across the country can get the funding needed to grow their small business, increase revenue, pay off high interest costs, buy or lease equipment, pay for needed materials, attract top talent, or purchase commercial properties and investment rentals. Our goal is to ensure our clients have sufficient support to fund their ventures and keep their businesses thriving, expanding, and built on a solid foundation. We have a nationwide network of lenders ready to review your small business or commercial loan request immediately!

Business Line of Credit
Bridge Loans / Hard Money Loans
Employee Tax Credit
Ralph Russell

A Message From Ralph Russell

Thank you for taking a moment to look into my company. My main goal is to assist commercial real estate investors and business owners with achieving their objectives by securing loans with the best borrowing rates. My company’s focus has been on working capital, business lines of credit, account receivable and purchase order financing, and equipment financing in years past. We have also provided valuable advising services on several commercial real estate opportunities. I have also focused on providing clients with SBA Disaster Relief loan program solutions during the pandemic, helping them retain jobs and keep their business doors open. Small business owners have gotten a big boost from SBA, PPP, and EIDL programs. If your business hasn’t considered the SBA Economic Injury Disaster loan with a 3.75% fixed rate for 30 years, we can help you. Large and small companies are eligible for this loan, as well as S Corps, sole proprietors, LLCs, and independent contractors.

30 Years of Experience With Loan Programs

Our loan programs cover a broad range of professional industries, such as real estate, trucking, and small businesses throughout the area. If your interests call for real estate lending, we have options available with great rates and terms. We have expertise in other essential support programs to help clients, including the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). This tax credit provides businesses with as much as $5,000 per W2 employee for 2020 and up to $7,000 for each W2 employee for 2021. Many companies we advise have already received tax refunds exceeding $200,000 by using the ERTC. Our affiliates and referral agents are an integral part of our company. Partnering with us grants you all the following benefits:

  • You can expand the services you offer.
  • Your clients are always your clients. We never try to steal them.
  • You get a sizable fee when you provide a referral.