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Why Work With Ralph Russell and Springboard Financing Partners?

What separates Ralph Russell from other small business / commercial real estate finance consultants?

Deep Roster of Direct Lender Contacts

Deep roster of direct lender contacts built up over decades in finance. Relationships with a wide variety of lenders is critical in getting loan requests approved. Local capital sources often are the best choice for financing project. Throughout the country, we know who to call to give your deal the best chance of getting approved.

Efficient Loan Request Process

We begin with a call with the Borrower to learn the important details of the request. We get to know the history of your company, the recent and current financials of your operation, and personal credit and liquidity. We then get into your financing request, and what the objectives of the request are. We will then send out our engagement agreement for our business advisory services. Our success fee is only earned if your loan closes and funds. Once we received the signed agreement, we get to work collecting documents lenders will need for underwriting your loan request. Often, the doc request consists of 3 years of business and personal taxes, a current year PL and balance sheet, a company debt schedule, and a personal financial statement and credit report.

Candid and Concise Communication

Throughout the loan request process, we stay in constant touch with both the lender and the borrower, providing you updates both on the loan decision and if approved, the timing of the funding of your loan.

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