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The goal of the group is to be an up-lifting, positive setting where business owners can share their current challenges openly with no fear of ridicule. Anyone who violates that rule will be removed from the group. Answers to the business concerns shared in the group will be provided by financial, legal, accounting and other service professionals with vast experience in working with small business owners.

We will also highlight “Select Companies” journey from where they are now, to how they navigate on a weekly basis, to where they arrive on the other side once the full lifting of the stay at home orders are lifted. Our team of professionals will offer their services free of charge to any company who wishes to be part of our “Select Companies” 3-5 minute weekly or bi- weekly video series of interviews.

I will also be offering feedback from my experiences with business owners. Examples of the struggles they came to me with and the solutions I provided to lift their business back up!

Please stop by our group and check it out! New content will be available in the group at least 3 times per week.

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